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This section outlines the creed and initiation procedure as conceived by Maharshi Debendranath in the Brahmo Dharma.

Debendranath was formally initiated into Brahmoism by Ram Chandra Vidyabagish on December 21, 1843 (7th Poush, 1765 according to the Bengali calendar) along with 20 other men - which has now become a memorable day in the cultural history of Bengal.

Below is the original Sanskrtit mantras along with their explanations in Bengali and English.
Creed of the Brahmo Dharma
Explanation in Bengali
Explanation in English
  • In the beginning was the one God, none else, and naught but He, the Creator of all things.
  • He is the True, the Good, the Infinite. He is the Eternal Lord of the universe, the All - knowing, All - pervading, All - protecting, the Almighty, He is the Formless, Changeless, Self - contained and Perfect.
  • In his worship lies our good, in this world and in the next.
  • To love Him and do His will - this is His true worship.
Initiation into the Brahmo Dharma
Explanation in Bengali
Explanation in English
  • Loving Him and doing His will, I shall worship the One, Absolute Parabrahma, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, who is the Giver of all good in this world and the next, who is All - knowing, All -pervading, Formless and Beneficent.
  • I shall not adore any created thing, thinking it to be Parabrahma.
  • Unless prevented by sickness or trouble, I shall daily, in loving reverence, hold communion of spirit with Parabrahma.
  • I shall endeavour to perform good deeds.
  • I shall endeavour to abstain from sinful deeds.
  • If I should ever, through delusion, be led into sin, I shall desist therefrom with sincere repentance.
  • I shall give something, out of my income, every year to the Brahmo Samaj, to promote the Brahmo faith.
  • O God, grant me strength to live in accordance with the sacred principles of this religion.

God, the One alone, the Absolute,

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