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Satyendranath TagoreWe now look at the standard Upasana method for the divine service. This format was designed by Maharshi Debendranath and is still followed in the divine service of the Adi Brahmo Samaj.

Though the full format is not followed in the other Samajes always - it serves as a basic guidelines for anyone willing to take a normal divine service.

Below is the original Sanskrit mantras along with their explanations in Bengali and English. The English translation was done by Satyendranath Tagore - second son of Maharshi Debendranath Tagore and the first Indian Civil Servant.
The Service - Prayer
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
Thou art our Father; as a father teach us true wisdom; we bend low in reverence before Thee; save us from delusion and sin; forsake us not, destroy us not.
O God our Father, forgive us, our trespasses and send us that which is for our good.
Thou art the cause and source of all goodness and happiness. Thou art goodness itself, and more than good. We bow down to Thee.
The Service - Salutation
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
We bow down in reverence, again and yet again, to the deity who dwells in fire, in water, who is immanent in the universe, who is in plants as well in the trees.
The Service - Communion
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
He who is our Creator, Protector and Giver of all happiness, the Life of all life and the Fount of all good, from Whose grace we derive our body and mind, our intellect and strength, our wisdom and piety, the constant Protector of our body and mind from manifold disasters, He is the True, All-wise and Infinite Prambrahma, revealing Himself in bliss and immortality. He is the Peace the Righteousness, the One above all.
With mind intent and full of love, I now hold communion of soul with this supreme Spirit of good.
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
He is all-pervading, stainless, formless, without infirmity or blemish, pure and sinless, free from all fleshy taints. He is all-seeing Ruler of the mind. Highest of all is He and Self-revealed. He bestows on His creatures all things at all times according to their needs. He has given us our life, our mind and all our senses. He has created the sky, air, light, water and the all receiving earth.
Through fear of Him the fire burns, the sun gives out its rays, the clouds pour forth rain, the winds blow, and death wanders through the world.
The Service - Meditation
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
Let me meditate on the benign wisdom and might of that Supreme Being, who reveals all worlds, who pervades all things, who is the highest good, the Creator of the universe, who sends us all our powers of thought.
The Service - Hymn
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
Thou art the Real, the prime cause of the Universe. We bow to Thee.
Thou art the All-wise, the one Refuge for all. We bow to Thee.
We bow to Thee, the Absolute, the Giver of salvation.
Thou art the supreme, the Eternal. All present Brahma, we bow to Thee.
To thee alone is honour due, Thou alone art the Protector of all,
Thou alone preservest the Universe, the Self revealed.
Thou alone art Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of all.
Most high, motionless and fixed of purpose,
Thou the dread of all dreads, The terror of all terrifying,
Thou art the End of all creatures, The purifier of all which purify,
The alone art the Ruler of all high estates, Holier than the holiest
The Guardian of those who guard,
We commune with Thee, we pray to Thee,
Thou art the Witness of the universe, We bow to Thee.
Let us seek refuge in the one, absolute God, Who is shelter, self - poised
Who is our raft on the sea of life.
The Service - Prayer
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
Lead from the unreal to the real
Lead me darkness into light
Lead me from death to life Eternal
O Thou self revealed, reveal Thyself to me,
O Terrible, ever protect me with thy look benign.
The Service - Recitation in Sanskrit
Explanation in English
Thus say the worshippers of the Brahma -
He from whom all creatures proceed, by whom their life is sustained, to whom they go forth, and into whom they enter at the end of time - seek ye to know Him wholly; He is Brahma.
All creatures spring from Parambrahma who is Joy eternal.
After birth their life is preserved by Brahma who is Joy Eternal.
At the end of time, they go forth and enter into Brahma, who is Joy Eternal.
He who has tasted the eternal joy of Parambrahma, before whom thoughts and words fail, he no longer knows fear.
The divine Spirit of joy all compact and satisfies every longing of the heart. All creatures delight to attain that Parambrahma who is eternal bliss.
Who would ever live and move and have their being, if this divine Spirit of joy did not fill the heavens? He it is who scatters delight through all worlds.
The Service - Concluding Prayer
  Concluding Prayer
Translation in Bengali
Explanation in English
May God, the Transcendent, who knows the needs of all His creatures and supplies them by his manifold power, who pervades the universe from beginning to end, the shining Lord of all deities, inspire us with holy thoughts and aspirations.
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